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Creating a Vibrant Industry through Smart Real Estate Investments

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After four years of analyzing, investing, and investigating the needs and nuances of the legal cannabis industry, it became apparent that there was massive need for capital infusion to successfully meet the requirements of building infrastructure. 

All new companies face challenges. However, the legal cannabis industry faces a particularly complex set of challenges, from a range of regulatory requirements to a limited pool of available capital for their start up and expansion needs. 

Currently 30 states and the District of Columbia have broadly legalized either medical or adult use cannabis. Yet many operators are still unable to pursue traditional methods of financing due to federal regulations.

Real estate is one avenue through which capital can enter this industry. Through our established network in the legal cannabis industry, we identify and work with qualified licensed operators to provide them with capital through the purchase of their commercial property. They are relieved of the burden of capital tied up in their property, and are able to reinvest that capital in their operations and growth. 

This market’s growth is unprecedented. However, that growth is only achieved by the successful navigation of regulatory and financial hurdles. By providing operators with smart, asset backed capital, we supply them with the infusion of resources they need to be successful during this industry’s launch period.

Our real estate investments allow licensed operators access to capital while preserving their equity. By providing investors with asset backed investments, we create a pipeline of capital to solve the problem of real estate financing for the cannabis industry.