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Our Team

Greenbelt Capital brings together experienced investors and consultants in the legal medical cannabis industry, with the leaders of alternative real estate investments in Texas. As a team, our diverse experience and proven know-how brings multiple perspectives and a range of skills which enable us to adapt to the multi-faceted needs of this complex market.

Carlos M. Martinez

Managing Director

An Austin resident for over 25 years, Carlos has a keen sense of trends and emerging opportunities. His ability to envision what is possible has taken him from land development, through the international art world, and most recently to legal cannabis. Over 4 years ago, Carlos shifted his focus from the Texas real estate market to the emerging opportunities in the rapidly-growing legal cannabis industry. In addition to this industry being a tremendous opportunity for investors, it unites Carlos’s passions as an advocate for wellness and health, personal liberty, social justice, and improving people’s lives and greater consciousness. Carlos is also an active advocate for Texas cannabis reform, and is frequently at the Texas State Capital. 

Carlos holds decades of experience in real estate, development, and capital raising. He has represented both buyers and sellers in multiple avenues of commercial transactions. While representing national developers, Carlos has had vast experience in performing market evaluations, project feasibility, investment analysis, financial structuring, and capital sourcing. With his trained eye, he has excelled at finding the most cost effective way to bring capital to projects while bringing a high return on investment. His greatest strengths are in building relationships, identifying high potential projects, and connecting opportunities with capital to create a prosperous path for these projects. More than anything, Carlos is comfortable exploring outside the box. He is an early adopter, and a visionary for a better future.

Mary M. Olivar

Managing Director

Mary Olivar, a co-founder of Greenbelt Capital, Inc and an expert on health and wellness, has been using her knowledge to support the legal cannabis industry as an advisor, consultant, and advocate since 2014. Prior to that, her twenty-five years of experience in the natural foods industry, provides a market advantage to Greenbelt’s clients as they invest in real estate focused on emerging wellness markets. Previously, as a partner of OMGreens with Carlos Martinez, Mary sourced and evaluated numerous investment opportunities, delivered investors valuable counsel and education on multi-faceted legal cannabis opportunities, while also serving as a dedicated advocate for responsible reforms, particularly in her home state of Texas.

Mary’s professional career has exhibited a keen sense of emerging trends and a researcher’s understanding of demographic preferences and buying patterns. As the Global Healthy Eating Coordinator for Whole Foods Market, a global leader in the natural foods industry, she cultivated partnerships and managed complex collaborations among a range of stakeholders while launching innovative market initiatives. Her work branding and leading digital and print campaigns for healthy eating market segments drove revenue increases and extended the reputation of the organic food store, offering smart choices for consumers.

Throughout her career, Mary has consistently been placed in leadership roles. She has served as an educator and media spokesperson and is able to communicate a deep and nuanced understanding of business dynamics on marketing strategies, sales channels, and relationship management. Dubbed Whole Foods’ “Healthy Eating Guru”, Mary has also served as a consultant on lifestyle and nutrition. Her range of skills and experience provides unique insight into wellness markets and will be of great value to clients of Greenbelt as they seek to increase the worth of their legal cannabis real estate investments.

Chris Ragland

Investor Relations

For nearly twenty years Chris Ragland has served as a principal in dozens of companies providing various levels of leadership and support. His specializations include strategic engagement, change management, and process excellence. He continues to sharpen and demonstrate his uncanny ability to successfully grow businesses through the creation of loyal teams, fanatic culture, and personal growth of those around him.

Chris has a broad base of industry experience including high-tech, real estate, finance, telecom, the arts, insurance, film, bar/restaurant, manufacturing, investment banking, and retail. In addition to domestic engagements, Chris possesses a background in international business having worked on several projects in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

He has worked with businesses at all levels ranging from enterprise clients such as Adobe, BMW, Bosch and American Express, to locally owned and operated small businesses. And he has held positions in Sales, Operations, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Capital Markets.

Chris holds a BA in Entrepreneurship as well as an MBA in Global Entrepreneurship from St. Edward’s University.

Carla Kieffer

Business Development

Carla Kieffer has built and scaled companies ranging in size from startup to Fortune 500. Originally coming from a software and business consulting foundation, Carla is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and investor, leveraging her knowledge and experience to offer consultative solutions to companies in emerging markets. Her professional journey has taken her from being a business owner at 23, through technology start-ups and investments, to over 50 countries, and most recently and happily to the legal cannabis space.  The social justice issues are what initially attracted her to legal cannabis, and the opportunities to contribute highly effective business development skills to this blossoming market are what keep her there. Her primary strengths lie in being an authentic connector, and building and maintaining these relationships, as well as in her forward thinking mind and adventurous spirit which enable her to identify and nurture budding opportunities into viable well-developed ventures. Carla’s is pleased to combine these well honed skills from previous success in her projects and pursuits with her zest for conscious constructive business.

Carla holds a BA in Management Information Systems from The University of Texas at Austin.

Roberto “R.C.” Rondero de Mosier

General Counsel

Roberto “R.C.” Rondero de Mosier provides expert counsel to emerging high-growth businesses and their entrepreneurs and investors. R.C. has helped guide numerous startups across the United States from formation through private placement offerings and, in many cases, through acquisition. Not only does he serve as a trusted legal adviser to his clients, but in some instances, he also serves the additional roles of board observer or advisory board member. R.C. has created numerous valuable relationships with members of the Central Texas fundraising ecosystem and regularly counsels clients on how to best position themselves for funding and/or acquisition.

Prior to entering the legal profession, R.C. graduated from Stanford University in Palo Alto and entered the booming start-up sector, where he helped develop a small company into a cross promotional events and sports marketing business. He later went on to recruit and develop sales managers across the United States for one of the largest business to business sales companies in the world. R.C.’s knowledge of business management, along with his sales background, has provided him the needed experience to help clients address both their individual and business growth needs. Upon finishing law school, R.C. worked in the corporate sector for Thomson Reuters and worked in a division later acquired by Leeds Equity. He then founded a corporate transactional law practice, which he grew and sold within three years. As an owner of a few small business ventures and a member of the leadership of justlegal.com, R.C. continues to advise small businesses and startups across the country from multiple perspectives.